Delta Consultants - gestion étude clinique

Added value

  • 40 years’ experience
  • Competence in a wide variety of fields
  • Proactive and flexible human scale company
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DELTA CONSULTANTS a special Customer relationship

Satisfying Customer requirements and adaptability to any situation arising during a project is the strength of DELTA CONSULTANTS’ multidisciplinary team, each member having a strong background in their respective field. Flexibility, pro-activity, respecting timelines; the Company structure allows the establishment of a close Customer relationship based on efficiency and availability.

Comprising a medical director, project managers, biostatisticians, data managers, clinical research associates, bilingual scientific and medical writers, and permanent data entry operators, the Company functions in an efficient and well defined manner with project managers supervising step-by-step their respective studies. They ensure administration management, internal and external co-ordination; providing Customers with the direct contact necessary for a close working relationship.

DELTA CONSULTANTS attends professional conferences regularly, keeping up-to-date with science and regulations necessary to maintain conformity and to improve proposed services.