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The company

Delta Consultants

16, rue Irène Joliot-Curie
38320 EYBENS – France
Tel : +33 (0)4 76 41 73 33
E-mail : contact@delta-dc.com

Building trust

Partner of the pharmaceutical industry since 1979, DELTA CONSULTANTS has established itself by its dynamism and competence, sustaining its business over the years, maintaining Customer trust.
Based near Grenoble, the Company benefits from the competitive environment of companies dedicated to new technologies concentrated in the capital of the French Alps.

Since 2011, DELTA CONSULTANTS is a subsidiary of the CATALYZIS Group holding comprising three companies specializing in the field of healthcare information: CALYSTENE (company specializing in integrated computing solutions for healthcare since 1992), MEDERI SANTE (company specializing in administrative software for healthcare establishments) and DELTA CONSULTANTS.

The main purpose of the CATALYZIS Group is to offer each of its subsidiaries greater visibility in their respective markets, greater competitiveness, strengthening financial solidity/stability. The complementarity of products and services for healthcare information satisfies all aspects of market demand without dispersion of expertise or competence of each entity.